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This won't hurt me at all

she's a new grad, that means she knows things right?

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23 August 1983
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It's now 2009 and - holy crap - I'm a resident.

Yeah. That's like, when my signature means something and stuff.

o.O? Does this feel surreal to anyone else?

... this is basically a place for me to freak out about that. And also to worship my fandoms of choice; namely SGA and Merlin. I don't do much House or Heroes anymore, but I still love this delicious banner made by minty_peach.

So - um, hi. 26 year old female family resident who apparently does nothing except skirt work and read fanfic. I am particuarly fond of McKay/Sheppard and associated porn, but have been known to calm down and read gen/other fandoms also. Sometimes. On alternate Thursdays.

My journal is mainly a collection of mad ramblings (see: above), and the occasional episode review for Merlin when new episodes come out. Besides that, I have been known to ponder at length about medicine/ethics/religion, but usually manage to hide these rare instances under poorly labeled cuts so no one can actually read them.

I have no friends policy or anything: read, friend, whatever. I love comments (usually to an excessive degree), but I won't hunt you down if you read without commenting. /grin. Really. Ignore the bodies by the floor. They volunteered for ... err ... science.


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