big belly



Diarrhea and nausea.  Better be soft signs of pre-labour and not me getting sick or I will not be impressed.

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Today I'm off to do a last little bit of shopping - Canadian Tire mostly, but I've also got my cousin's 3rd birthday tomorrow to shop for.  It's a Pirate Theme.  We still have our costumes from the MacMan Race, so we should be arriving in style.  Tonight we're going for dinner with my Dad's best friend and his wife, so I'll pick up something to bring there too.  

Yesterday I got quotes from four different maid services and three furnace companies, and I have a few more today starting at 11.  The maid services are less expensive than I had guessed, and I'm so looking forward to having them come in.  They mentioned things they would clean that I have never even thought of in the two years we've lived here, or at least not thought of seriously enough to get out a rag and do it.  It will be awesome to pay someone else to worry about the house for a while. 

The furnace should be in within the month and no matter who we go with it will cost a pretty penny.  But we knew that and have been budgeting accordingly.  Plus I get paid for August in a few days, and that will be lovely.   Then we'll have actual HEAT in the house for October.  Yay!

Okay I'm off to be productive.  My personal goal is not to vomit today.  Bleh.
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Its 3:37am.  I'm trying to sneak around the house so my insomnia won't wake my husband, who actually has to work tomorrow.

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Gonna finish my hot chocolate and see if its time to head back to bed or start digging out fanfic.  Kyle has to be up in an hour and a half and I can hear him tossing and turning without me.  The puppy has turned around and gone to keep him company though, because she's the smart one tonight ;)

Friday, thank All

Its hard to believe I started out this week going "4 hours a day? I could do more than that!"

Another brilliant example of Be Careful What You Wish For, You Might Just Get It.

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Today is going to be hot and humid and muggy, but luckily Nick's already arrived safe in town.  We can bunker down with A&S and have a nice weekend.  My evil plan is to get everyone to play Ticket to Ride about a bazillion times.  *g*
big belly


It's 4:30 in the morning.

I am now awake.  I cannot get back to sleep.

I woke up from a dream about giving birth to a clone that grows to maturity in under a year and I'm mourning the loss of a regular baby.

Then I wake up and I can't stop thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong - what if that bath I took was too warm? what if I cooked my baby's brain?  could I have done that?  is it possible? what are the statistics and likihoods? would there have been a study on bath temperature and IQ in the past fify years? why the hell can't I stop worrying about this? will I ever get back to sleep? - and from there moving onto everything ELSE that could possibly go wrong.  

Labour.  Birth.  What are we going to do if our child is not normal.  How will we deal.  Cause I can of course formulate answers to these important questions at 4am.


Is this what my brain is going to be like until I give birth? After? For the next fifty years? Am I turning into my grandmother?

If the answer is a resounding 'yes' - I don't want to hear it.

So now I am going to play majohng and drink hot chocolate and try not to worry myself to death.  Because worrying never solved anything.  Let's just buck up and get through the next few weeks, and then the next few weeks, and then the next few years, and then the next few decades, and take things as they come.

Easier said than done.

big belly

This is my brain: babybabybabaybaby!

Am doing my first load of wee!baby clothes right now.  THEY SMELL SO GOOD.  Only apparently they are full of "toxic" "chemicals" and need to be washed before used.  SO.  Am doing laundry.  Look at my awesome.

Last night I had a dream that Kyle was vacuuming the living room and I was dusting and suddenly a baby started crying.  And I was all like "Oh we woke the baby!" and then I was like "WHAT!?" and I checked my belly and sure enough it was soft again and I was "huh?"

So we went into our room and in the craddle was this swaddled newborn and it was crying so I picked it up and looked at Kyle and went "when did I go into labour?" and he was all "???"

But it breastfed well and I was burping it when I wondered what we were going to name it and then realized I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy so I checked - and it was a GIRL!  I was so happy and Kyle hid his face and said that he was doomed and we were like OH MY GOD WE'RE PARENTS! and then I woke up.



Its a scary place.

So I decided to do baby laundry today.  Obviously.

Today is the Monday of my Last Week of Work.  *clouds parting and hallejulah from the chorus*  Apparently I'm only scheduled for 4-hour days, my first thought of which was "crap that's not enough work" and my second being "ohthankgod".  By Friday I was tired, really tired.  Then this weekend the insomnia I've been fighting caught up with me and I spent the hours between 1 and 3:30 am on my mother-in-law's couch watching the BBC's version of Pride & Prejudice for the 45th time (still so good) before I could fall asleep.

So yesterday I spent in a sort of semi-awake coma while my mother came over and did my yardwork.  I'm trying to remember that this is a good thing and not a sign of my own impending neuroses.  Which it probably is.  

Today I want to hit Home Hardware for the last screw I need for the baby dresser, corkboard for my husband's Man Cave downstairs, and twine so I can tie the bundles my DEAR AND DARLING mother made up for my in my lawn yesterday.  Then I've got to paint the side table my diaper caddy is going to sit on and poke my husband until he puts up the curtain rod and vacuum the carpet and move the craddle and the dog's kennel and fold the weebaby clothes I'm washing AND THEN I WILL BE DONE.

Only I haven't yet made up my hospital bag, which I really should do this week to be on top of things.  Oh!  And we bought a new camera yesterday.  Because the one Kyle bought me years ago is old and never took very good pictures.  This new canon is pretty spiffy.  I've got photoshop on my computer and I've set up my Flickr account so I'm all set for baby pictures.  So I just need to charge that sucker and THEN I'LL BE DONE.

Until I think of something else I have to do.


Also: can I say that this pregnancy thing has been awesome but I kinda really want a kid right now?  SO COME ON UTERUS, THINK LABOUR THOUGHTS.  Sure my due date isn't until September 12th and I've only got a 5% chance of going before then - I really wouldn't mind being early.  Smaller baby to push out.  

Only my father is away until Wednesday and my husband is the Lone Header at work this week and I wouldn't mind the extra bit of cash from working this week, so I should wait until at least Monday.  Do you hear that uterus?  MONDAY.  Let's put that on the calender.

smile and nod

Monday morning

Had a wonderful two days of NOT WORKING! YAY! at camp this weekend.  Was awesome.  

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My mother-in-law is made of butterflies and chocolate cake and Good Things because she finished the craddle and it is absolutely gorgeous.  This is the craddle both my bother-in-laws and my husband and my newphew slept in for the first two months of their little tiny lives and I'm psyched to get to use it.  It got a complete make-over for us, painted in a dark brown to match our bedroom furniture and varnished so it shines.  Plus she hand-sewed a new cover for the mattress AND a mattress pad AND a gorgeous white bumper pad set with matching covers.

I'm going to sign up for a picture-hosting site soon, so I can show all this stuff off.  NO RLY.

My grandfather also dug out OUR family craddle, and though it apparently needs some love I can't wait to see it.

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The other thing I want to do today is run down my cousin's mom's number and find out who it is here in town that makes $5 newborn cloth diapers.  The number she left me doesn't work, so I'm wondering if I copied it down wrong.  

K - first thing first though: Work.  Collapse )

K - off to work.  Really.  Go mondays!  Lol.
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TGIF! ... oh wait ...

An update on life:

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My puppy has now successfully worked the crazy out of her system and stopped destroying my living room.  I think we'll need to put some kind of anti-slip cover under the living room carpet, because when she races back and forth from the hallway the carpet ends up bunched under the window-wall.  Lol.  

Oh!  And my birthday is in a week and a half!  I almost forgot that!  Lol.  Twenty-eight.  Huh.  Kyle'll be thirty next year.  The big 3.0.  We didn't do much in June for his twenty-ninth this year, but I'll have to think of something good by next summer.  Something good that he'll enjoy, that is.  *g*  I don't know what we're doing for my birthday this year, probably just dinner with my parents, but it'll be nice.  I love birthdays.  They always make me feel special :)

Okay, going to make my lunch and head off to work.  I'm getting the 'ugh' feeling thinking of the hospital again, which means working this weekend will be physically painful, but it always gets better when I'm there.  I'm only doing the four-hour shift, and this weekend it might actually only take me four hours.  I already know which floors I'm going to and I don't know the guy I'm working with, so that'll help.  I'll still leave my pager in case I finish early and he needs some help, but it won't be like last weekend when I just felt bad because the 8 hour person had so much more to do than me.   
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 Life has been busy, which means life needs distractions, which means I have seen an amazing number of movies lately.  Which is awesome, because before two weeks ago I think the last time we went to the theater was February.

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And then there was

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There isn't anything else on my radar to go see, though I am trying to stock up on good movies to watch between 2 am and 4 am feedings.  I foresee much couch-time in my future *g*.