Raiining (raiining) wrote,

Still finny

Found this is my email box from a friend: still funny!

Yo mama so fat, the sorting hat put her in all 4 houses

Yo mama is so ugl, the basilisk can’t look her in the eye

Yo mama is such a ho that she gives more rides than Hogwarts express

You mama’s so fat, her want is a slim jim

Yo mama so ugly, she walked into gringott’s and they gave her a job application

Yo mama so stanky, even Dobby won’t take one of her socks.

Yo mama so old, she used to babysit Dumbledore

Yo mama so ugly, when she was born, the doctor screamed “riddikulus

Yo mama so fat, when she looks in the mirror of erased, she sees a ham

Yo mama so fat, her patronus is a cake

Yo mama so fat, they’re gonna split the movie about her into two parts

Yo mama so dum, she brought syrup to a quidditch game cause she heard there’d be quaffles

Yo mama so ugly, even the whomping willow wouldn’t hit that.

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