Raiining (raiining) wrote,

Friday am

My house is freeeeeeezing!!!!

Okay, this morning I'm glad I haven't yet had the baby, because the poor thing would be so wrapped in blankets as to be a suffocation risk this am.  I'd much prefer keeping it warm myself then facing the daunting question of bringing it into bed with us for warmth.

My mattress is way to soft to be safe, but it c-c-cold!

Very happy the furnace guys are coming Monday install the new boiler.  They'll be finished by Tuesday and then we'll have a toasty warm house.  So looking forward to it!

And last night is supposed to have been the coldest night, it should be warming up now a little bit.  Not to the same heights we saw last week, but to a respectable 18 degrees.  And Kyle says its not supposed to dip down quite as bad at night, which is the big thing.

Mom came over yesterday and taught me the good Croatian way of making strudel.  Its delicious.  The key is (as always) in making the dough and rolling it out suuuuuper thin.  Real cotton sheets help with that.  Plus my dining room table, being high and square, turns out to be perfect for working on.  Mom brought her new camera and tried her hand at pictures, so we have the Belly immoralized for all time at 40+3.

Slept well again last night, despite the cold.  Good blankets and a warm husband help :)  This morning everything is perfectly normal.  No big pressure, no contractions, no nothing.  Ghah.

I've decided to start planning that I'm going to need to be induced and then if I spontaneously go into labour I can just be happily surprised.  But Monday is my appointment with the midwives and if I still haven't delivered I get a nonstress test and a biophysical profile.  And for once I really don't want any investigations done.  I just want to go into labour before that and have the baby.  

If I do need to be induced they would probably plan it for Wednesday or Thursday, maybe Friday.  That is 10 days past my due date, with the aim of having the baby delivered before it hits 42 weeks.  That's the best time to induce labour before the placenta stops being able to handle the baby's needs.  

.... but I'm really hoping for labour.  Like any day now.  Annnnnny day now. 
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