Raiining (raiining) wrote,

*pokes belly*

*in voice of the seagull from Little Mermaid, sitting on a rock watching Ariel and the Prince not doing anything in a rowboat*

"Nothing. Is. HAPPENING."

So went to the midwives yesterday, baby looks good, nice heartbeat.  The head is engaged, but still mobile.  I'm 1cm but loooong.  Had a sweep done.  Omg, so painful.  Ghah.  Had a contraction while she did it and nearly cried.  Realized that THIS is why we invented C-sections, us smart people us.  Then went home and had a long walk with mom and puppies.  And .... nothing.

SO.  The good news is I slept well all night and feel very rested.

The cleaning lady starts today.  I'm going to hang around here to make sure my dog understands she is welcome and then I'm going to take off.  Probably hit Chapters, read some more Miss Marple and bring my knitting.  Have a chai tea latte with soy milk (mmmmmm) and think labour-y thoughts.  

Had a nice walk with Luna this am and felt very low.  Definitely at the waddling stage now.  Almost felt like contractions but would stop as soon as we paused, plus were not obscurely painful.  So still all early stages.  Definitely things are happening, but nothing hugely active.  Still.

Aaron and Steph stopped by last night and Steph gave me my first awesome wall covering for the Little Person's room.  A beautiful cloth hanging that's Winnie the Pooh.  Gorgeous.  Gonna get Kyle to help me hang it tonight, and will figure out where to put the other shelves and hooks I've got for  the walls.

.... and that's all I have planned.  

Except, you know, HAVING A BABY.  

At some point.

In the near future.

*pokes belly*

Aren't you bored yet, too?  There's so much more out here to explore!  Come out and let me show you!
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